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DIY: #FartingAbout Making A Plant Hanger

I may not be Picasso but I do love farting about doing a bit of art or crafting. So, I thought why not share the fruits of a recent labour, from when I spent the day beltin’ out Euro bangers and making an easy plant hanger for my window.

What You’ll Need

Plant pot. Clear outdoor paint. Pink outdoor paint. Sponge paintbrush. Regular small paintbrush. Ceiling hook. Blue and pink strings – length dependent on your window.

Step 1: Use the sponge painter to cover the plant pot inside and out with a layer of clear outdoor paint. It helps to create a barrier to stop your coloured paint soaking into the pot, so you’ll need less coats.

Step 2: Paint your pot inside and out with the coloured paint. It usually only needs one or two coats maximum depending upon how bright you’re fancying the end colour.

Step 3: Take four even lengths of string. I used two pink and two blue, then knot them together at one end.

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, thread the string through the hole in the bottom of your plant pot, so that the knot is on the inside.

Step 5: Create a knot that sits on the rim for each two pieces of string. As my snap above shows.

Step 6: You can hold the string in position with some masking tape as the next bit can get a bit fiddly fuckers. Now, simply knot each two adjacent pieces of string about half way down the pot. – As pic above.

Step 7: Knot each adjacent piece of string once more, so that knots are created along the rim of the plant pot.

Step 8: Hold all of the string together and knot together at the end around a ceiling hook. You can also remove the masking tape from the bottom of the plant pot. Then, plop your plant inside and hang wherever tickles your fancy.

I know, I know, I’m a crafting genius… except that one time when I tried to create the Berlin skyline out of a hanging lightbulb on the wall, which blew all of the electricity in the house and created a massive hole in the wall. Whoops!! Tell me about your crafting game in the comments, cock.





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