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Rotterdam: Drive-Through Museum

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One positive that I’ve manged to pull from these Rona times, is watching the creative solutions that people and businesses have been devising. From Zoom dating to kitchen discos, we’ve seen it all. Something that’s really caught my eye, is a drive-through art exhibition in the Netherlands. Yes, we’ve seen drive-thru movies popping up but they’re nothing new… but an art exhibition that you drive your car around, that’s a socially distanced game changer!

The ‘Boijmans Ahoy Drive-Thru Museum‘ is taking place at the Rotterdam Ahoy exhibition halls in collaboration with Museum Boijmans van Beunigen. Yes cock, that’s also where this year’s Eurovision that never was should have taken place.

Spanning the space of almost two sodding football pitches, you can cruise around the dark halls and flash your headlights to view the artwork. Who knows what inspired this but it does sound a bit like dogging. Only electric cars are allowed inside, and beltin’ news for those who don’t drive one, you can rent one. I wonder how many people have tried to steal the car at the end? A bit like when you go to a nice bar and get a really fancy glass and you can’t help but plop it inside your handbag.

Many of the paintings, sculptures and video installations on show explore the tensions between humans and nature, and seeing as Rona allegedly comes from bats, the exhibition is a bit of a zeitgeist. Find out all about the ‘Boijmans Ahoy Drive Thru Museum’ here.

What creative solutions have caught your eye this year? Tell me all about it in the comments, love.




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