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10 Reasons To Visit Hatch Mcr

Right, this one is a belter. I discovered Hatch Mcr on Insta during lockdown and it’s on my bucketlist to visit. It feels a bit like London’s Box Park, where cool crates play host to some indie brands and hipster booze and fodder.

At these kind of places, you also usually get the odd massive chain trying to blend in and look much cooler and smaller than they actually are too. Anyway, I’ve scrolled their profile and found ten reasons why am off for a mooch around.

If you don’t troff back chips and gravy, are you even Northern? This is actually ‘Poutine’ – french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy, from ‘Blue Caribou’, (@bcsnackbar) which is apparently the UK’s only authentic Québec-style snack bar. This was possibly a pop-up at Hatch but their Insta says that they are at Arndale Market, so go have a nosh there too!

Whether you just buy records that you fancy listening to, collect them like a hoarder, or frame them and slap then on your walls like I do, no market is complete without a indie record shop. (@stutterandtwitch).

I love a big portion, and a bit of pink often gets me reaching for my iPhone, then noshing it back. These are beetroot and feta fries with a cheesy sauce from #seasonednothingbutfries.

Every so often, and probably more often in a non-Rona world, a collective of Afflecks’ traders host pop-up shops at Hatch – #StoriesByAfflecks. A beltin’ way to discover local Artists and Photographers.

You can’t beat a good mooch around a shop filled with bits ‘n’ bobs just like Nonsense Store. I can’t track this one down on Insta which is a shame but I’ll have a look for it when I visit.

I neck a brew at every opportunity if I’m being honest, cock, and I’ve spotted that Takk has an espresso bar at Hatch. I’m no stranger to popping into their coffee shop on Manchester’s Tariff Street, so this will no doubt make a good pit stop for me to fuel my shopping. (@takkmcr).

I’m not sure what it is either, but I’d nosh it. I thought it was one of those artsy éclairs that started in Paris but no, it’s actually a Sicilian Cannolo from the indie trader @tarricrii. Fill your boots with a bit of Sicilian street-food over at Hatch’s Court Yard.

I mean, I wouldn’t mind the challenge of growing a pineapple in my flat. I keep seeing these everywhere and this one is from @Shmyls_Interiors.

I’m often partial to a box of wine, so these ‘Bagnums’ are right up my street. Little and large sizes available, and they’re refillable… need I go on?! (@love.and.labour).

Every shopping trip should end with a fancy cocktail, I plan on falling in and most probably out of @electrikbox.

Have you been for a Mooch around Hatch Mcr yet? Get in my comments and give me your tips! (*all post’s images via Insta @hatchmcr).




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