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Chester – Walk back in time northern style.

When people think of the North, they often think of farms or industrial towns and cities with old factories and mills dominating the skyline… but there is more going on up here. I promise ya!
If you really want to see, walk, tour and breathe British history, you need to visit Chester.

Best Preserved
The architecture boasts some of the best preserved in the country with breathtaking Tudors and Georgian buildings still in functioning use today. Not only that but you can walk the paths of the Romans and explore the city’s walls which were built to prevent Chester from invasion.

Indie Boutiques
The city is renowned in the region for its independent boutiques, pubs and cafes dotted around a historic cobbled street. If you’re like me, remember not to go there in heels because ouch!! Plus, check out the strip of shops set in its medieval arcade.

Zoo Anybody?
Chester is also conveniently located and well connected to Wales, Liverpool & Manchester. It is home to one of (if not the) best zoos in the UK, and a world class race course. So, expect to feel at ease, and meet people from all over the place!

A Bit of Everything
Plus for the hipsters among you, the place has even got uber cool yet classic restaurants like The Botanist, and cafes such as the Jaunty Goat Coffee cafe selling vegan coffee! Expect galleries, visual art fairs, museums, exhibitions, theatre, literary festivals… and literally every slice of culture that you can imagine! Get visiting!

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