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Vienna: Hipster Cafe Where Oma Bakes Your Cakes

Vollpension: Schleifmühlgasse 16, 1040 Wien, Austria.

I chuffin’ love a kitsch cafe, and the decor doesn’t get any more hipster than at at Vienna’s Vollpension! This was another random find whilst exploring and one that’s stayed with me as one of my favourite finds of the summer. Let me tell you why…

Grannies and Grandpas are the ones who bake your cakes there. I found out once inside that Vollpension has the goal of helping senior citizens avoid poverty in old age. Around 95% of those working there do so in addition to their low pensions.

To note, if you’re reading this post during the Coronavirus pandemic, the senior citizens at Vollpension are excluded from the government’s measures, so are going away empty handed. If you want to help them out, there are many ways you can donate on their website here.

This cafe honestly warmed my cockles. Look at the little touches too – each cake is labelled by the granny or grandpa who baked it.

In a word – moist-. The cake I noshed back was delish! The cafe was rammed full with people of all ages. I was obviously solo travelling and sat on my own, and two grannies came and sat with me for a chinwag. Half English and ein bischen Deutsch. Honestly, I found people in Vienna to be lovely, and didn’t feel that ‘Wiener Grant’ vibe at all.

How chuffin’ cool is the decor!!

If you check out the coffee shop’s website, they also have a ‘Kuchen von der Oma’ baking and life story book. What a bloody lovely idea that is!!

Found this leopard on my way to the toilet and had to snap a pic. There are little quirky touches like this throughout the cafe, and it’s right up my street!

My grannies always had those beads on their doors to stop the flies from buzzing in.

After seeing so much pink and green decor whilst euro travelling, when I got home I bought a pink velvet sofa and green velvet curtains! I’m that easily influenced.

Again, bang on something that you’d find in your nan’s toilet.

A few vintage bits ‘n’ bobs too.

I believe this is a very Instagrammable toilet.

How cute is the sign?!

Without a doubt one of my fave cafe finds whilst exploring Vienna. Have you got a cool go-to cafe in Wien? Tell me all about it in my comments, love.





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