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Icelandic Dark Music Days

If you don’t know much about Iceland and you’re thinking of visiting in winter, you should know one thing… darkness! Darkness? Yes, Darkness! Iceland is located high up in the northern hemisphere which means for 6 months of the year the place is pretty dark. Some days only get around 5 hours of sunlight. Can you even imagine that?!

Surviving The Dark
All that darkness can be a proper bugger, so the Icelandic have channeled their creative sides in order to survive. So, bring on the invention of the “Dark Music Days,” festival. The festival has been going since the 1980’s with the current set up revolving around new Icelandic compositions and performers. (Ey up Eurovision 2020 just around the corner! Best get down and find a winning song!). The festival takes place at a plethora of venues around Reykjavík, but most significantly at the beautiful Harpa Hall, which is basically an art installation in itself!

Tell Me More
The event aims to push the boundaries of contemporary music, embracing creativity and expression, whilst welcoming people from all around the world. If you fancy a few days in the dark, be sure to go check it out and plan your itinerary here.

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