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Berlin Festival of Light

Every October the entire German city of Berlin transforms into an open air art gallery. The event lasts for 10 nights with over 100 public spaces taking part, including worldwide recognisable locations such as the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin cathedral.

3D Projections
The event uses various light installations including 3D projects to bring buildings and landmarks to life. The event not only highlights local culture, art movements and historical references but it also gives both emerging and established Artists from all over the world the chance to have their work seen by millions of people, and be shared all over Instagram!

Ohhh Look At That
Having lived in Berlin, this event somewhat marks the start of a bloody magical season in Berlin, where the air turns crisp with snow and Christmas markets just around the corner. We wander the streets day to day and rarely take notice of the intricate detailing of architecture and the environment around us but this event really makes you take note and appreciate your surroundings. It’s like viewing the city as an artistic canvas.

Lights of Freedom
This year the festival’s theme is “Lights of Freedom,” marking 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, with the organisers stating that the event “transcends borders and continents because lights speaks all languages”. The event also encourages people to take photos with the best winning prices. So, get snap happy, who know you might win a couple of Euros!

Tell Me More
Find out more about this proper lovely event here.

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