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Manchester Worker Bee

If you aren’t familiar with British culture you might not know that many towns and cities around the country have symbols, shields or motifs that represent where they are from. Over time many of these can be forgotten and only really get remembered when you notice a random mythical animal on a lamppost or pavement out shopping. These symbols however can hold strong historical importance – especially to Northerners. One such example which is loved by locals that recently gained international prominence is the Manchester Worker Bee.

What Is It?
The Manchester Worker Bee dates back to the industrial revolution. This was a time when Manchester was packed to the rim with factories mass producing cotton. The workforce in the factory got regarded as being “as busy as a bee,” with factories being compared to a literal beehive because the workers were always so busy none stop working.

Collective Good
The symbol went on to be emblazoned all across the city and represented the ideology that Mancunians work hard but work together for the collective good, as they care about each other. This was visually symbolised in 2017 when Manchester suffered a terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert. The city united using the bee as its symbol of unity to the world and now has more importance to the people of Manchester than ever before. The way Manchester came together and used a creative output inspired the rest of the country and media, with people even showing support by getting worker Bee tattoos.

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