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New Episode - Berlin Part Two

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Manci Travels

As a footloose and fancy-free Creative, I chuffin’ love going solo travelling around Europe for creative inspo. Having a travel blog helps me to record and remember all of the things that inspire me. Have a look at all of me Euro Jollies under the ‘Manci Travels‘ tab or Vlog.
Music, creativity, and seeing trends from different European countries… means I’ve always been a massive Eurovision fan! So, as part of my ‘Creative Juice’ section, I have a ‘Eurovision Host Cities‘ tab. A place to find the most creative spots around its host cities, discover some new tunes, + be inspired by past Artists’ new projects + music. 

Northern Natter

As some of you chuffers keep asking me what I mean by saying I’m Northern, I’ve decided to create a little section called ‘Northern Natter‘ under the ‘About’ tab. You’ll be in for a right treat, cock, as I’ll be sharing some of the cool creative bits that we have to offer up North in the UK. I hope you enjoy learning a bit about my regional identity. 


Resting bitch face does Europe!
Check out me ‘Manci Travels’ @mancimouth YouTube.
My own solo creative inspo jollies around Europe. 
A site by a Northerner… I best teach you a bit of  northern slang with me ‘Manci Slang’ Pinterest board.

Creative Inspo Trips

From alterative stays to experience holidays, this is the place to discover new creative spaces + places, to help you to plan your next creative inspo trips around Europe. 

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