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Creative Europe

A place to discover European arts + culture. I share my finds to inspire your creative  travels or bucketlists. 

Manci Travels

As a footloose and fancy-free Creative, I chuffin’ love going solo travelling around Europe and unearthing artistic pursuits. See what I get up to with my Manci Travels and pick up some tips if you’re a lass holidaying alone.


Eurovision promotes both cultural and regional identities, and unifies millions of people yearly. Discover its National Selections and latest Euro-Bangers with me. 


Check out my creative solo travels around Europe @mancimouth YouTube.
It’s easy to find new favourite Artists during the Eurovision season and all of its national selections. It’s also just as easy to forget about them after the shows if they’re not being promoted in your country. So, let’s track down a few of our past faves and see what they’ve been up to.

Northern Natter

As some of you chuffers keep asking me what I mean by saying I’m Northern, I’ve decided to share a bit about my regional identity with you. Including some of the cool creative bits that we have to offer.
I love learning languages and new words. Now let me teach you a bit of  northern slang with my ‘Manci Slang’ Pinterest board. 


Have a watch of me Eurovision reactions @mancimouth YouTube.

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